Hello there, and Welcome to MY HOME RECETTES!

Have you ever asked yourself what to cook for dinner? Well, I figure that the most difficult part of the process is finding out the what!

I’m Berl, and the person behind this website/blog. I cook, write the recipes, take the pictures, and manage the site.

As a mom, planning for dinner can be stressful! It’s an everyday struggle. You either end up making the same food all the time, or you end up eating fast food or ordering in, which I believe is way too expensive!

I love to cook. but I easily get bored eating the same thing over and over again. I am always trying to figure what to do to make my food taste different each time.

Guess what? Just spice it up! It amazing how the right spices can change the taste of a meal! Be adventurous, try spices from Africa, Asia, Europe, America, Australia! Mix them up! Just change the spices you use for your meat/fish for example, and you will see a real difference.

If you are just looking for some simple steps recipes to follow, you are at the right place. Join me on my culinary adventure!

Do not hesitate to contact me with any question.

Thanks, and Bon appetit!

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